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Why Choose Avanti Cakes?

Reasons why you should choose Avanti Cakes:

  • We are well-known for our personal service;
  • Our attention to detail is unerring;
  • We’ve won awards for excellence;
  • We make cakes at short notice*;
  • We make cakes for any occasion;
  • We are friendly and flexible;
      • And love to collaborate with our customers to custom design amazing cakes;
  • We have a 30+ year track record and decades of industry experience;
  • You will receive true and honest advice all of the time;
  • Our cakes are glamorous, ritzy AND affordable.
  • We have a wide range of flavours
      • Chocolate and Vanilla Butter Cake;
      • Fruit cake;
      • Chocolate Mud cake;
      • White Mud cake;
      • Marble Mud cake;
      • Torte;
      • Black Forrest cake;
      • Chocolate Mousse cake;
  • We will deliver your cake to your door or directly to your special event for a small fee.**

You can trust Avanti Cakes to deliver! Hold us to our word and order now.

* Subject to availability.
** Within the Perth metropolitan area, enquire within.